Yesterday morning at 1:14am, winter officially ended making today, March 21st, the first full day of spring. According to many ancient civilizations, the world will come to an end in just nine months.

If you watch a lot of Discovery Channel and NatGeo, you've probably seen the documentaries about the different types of events that would forever change life as we know it, including the possibility of planetary extinction.

I don't necessarily think all life on Earth will cease to exist, but I do feel that a change is imminent.  From the summer-like temperatures we are experiencing here in Flint, to the storms and flooding elsewhere in the country, the weather is certainly acting up.  In the last few weeks, there have been reports of solar activity becoming more and more unstable triggering several solar flares and storms.   There's also more civil uprising in the Middle-East.  And the earthquakes in Japan last year, and Mexico earlier this week, should also be looked at.

I am really hoping that there is just a change in the way we live, as opposed to the end of the human race.  It is scary to think about, especially as a father of three.  The question is, how do you prepare for something that may or may not happen?  Several Hollywood filmmakers have taken on the 2012 theory.  Check out a compilation of their take on the end of the world below.