Earlier this year we shared a video of what sounds like Lake Michigan breathing in the winter.

Did you know lakes around Michigan breathe in the winter? Well, technically they're not breathing but that's exactly what it sounds like as you'll hear in the video below.

Rick Vuyst from thankyouverymulch.com posted a really cool video on Facebook in January of this year of what sounds like Lake Michigan breathing. He laid down on his stomach on the ice and took a video and what you'll hear is really wild.

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Rick Vuyst:

Incredible. Amazing. I love laying on the ice and listening to nature breathe. Watch this video and crank it up. Listen. Turn up the volume. For those who have not had this opportunity I post this for you. I lay on my stomach on the ice and listen to Lake Michigan breathe. Let heaven and nature sing.

Growing up as a kid we had a pond and it was always really cool to put your ear to the ice to hear the ice cracking. Sometimes one of us would put our ear to the ice while someone else tossed stones onto it. It made the coolest sounds.

Frozen lakes in general tend to make really weird noises when there are major temperature changes. The ice will expand or contract during those temperature changes. This causes cracks to form in the ice. It is the cracking of the ice that can make some really interesting sounds. Sometimes it sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The audio in the video below literally sounds like the lake is breathing.

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