Children learn a lot from the actions of their parents, which is pretty unfortunate sometimes.

Watch this.

The video above captures the scene in the North Elementary School gymnasium on Monday during a graduation ceremony for its' kindergarten class. Witnesses say that the fight started because a parent couldn't see their child on stage. The brawl that began with two participants quickly turned into a melee that escalated with twenty people throwing punches. At one point, a father holding his new baby in his arms took a fist in the face.

The elementary school was placed under lock down as six police cruisers rushed to the scene. The frightened students in the school gym were told to quickly take shelter in their classrooms, but as many as 150 kindergartners witnessed the violence.

Raymond Walker, the person who threw the first punch is facing criminal charges of assault and felony inducing panic.

As you can imagine, many parents were outraged because what should have been a happy celebration for their children was completely ruined. "This was a celebration for these kids who graduated," said Sgt. Scott Hughes of the Springfield police department, "Clearly not the time or place to take out your frustrations on another parent."

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