Imagine thinking "we'll take the train to Chicago it'll be hassle-free!"  Not so much for passengers boarding in Pontiac trying to get to Chicago.

The train left for the 5.5 hour trip about 6 o'clock in the morning Friday 10/7/2022.  Plagued with electrical issues, the train eventually made it to Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Jackson, MI with multiple delays.  Just outside of Jackson, MI a medical stop was requested.  It was there passengers said it smelled like burning rubber -- that's when the Amtrak train lost power.

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Losing power meant toilets wouldn't flush, no electricity for charging or lights and no heat.  Engineers tried connecting to another train to push/haul the problem train along the tracks.  Passenger Katie Kobiljak told mLive she woke up to the train being at a dead stop... two hours had passed and the train continued to sit for seven more hours while engineers worked.

A handful of passengers left the train at that time... opting for Uber, Lyft or friends & family driving them further along the route to Chicago.  Passengers mentioned Amtrak wasn't providing many updates. At one point, the brakes stopped working because of a deer strike -- then, the battery/electrical issues followed.

Road construction sign telling motorists to expect delays

Not many were excited to receive vouchers to make up for the 19 hour train ride from hell.  People were headed to Chicago for the marathon, Harry Styles' concert, college football games and more.  According to some were eventually escorted off the train by police because it stunk, no heat, food, power and just wanted off.  They found a small, rocky opening along the fence & tracks where police helped them off.


Not sure how something like this could happen in 2022 without a solid, fast back-up solution, but here we are.

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