Remember when TLC was "The Learning Channel" back in the day? That was fun.

Look - I consider myself to be a pretty accepting person. It's something I work on every day. Just because I don't like a celebrity, doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be on TV or the movies, earning money. Do what you gotta do, folks. If there are people who will watch, more power to you.

But I just CANNOT get over my disdain for Kate Gosselin, and I think it's a shame that TLC keeps giving her a check for being awful and self-centered.

Let me preface this opinion by saying that I was a fan of her in the original show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. The show started to air in 2007 and, as a new mom myself, it was comforting to see other parents on TV (even though I only had ONE child and they had eight times as many).

It was apparent, even in the early episodes, that Kate was the controlling one in the relationship and Jon was more passive. Okay, fine. Opposites attract. Their family abruptly fell apart, however, and their marriage ended in a very public divorce.

Jon Gosselin obviously had a breakdown and Kate kept herself and her kids on TV. Not just on their own show, either. Remember when they appeared on Sarah Palin's reality show?

Remember when she dragged her two oldest girls on the Today show for that super awkward interview?

For goodness sakes, even her former publicist said that she's an "awful human being."

Look, I'm sure we'd ALL come off as terrible parents on TV if we were followed by cameras. But it's not just that. She was a sympathetic character for a while, but she evolved...and NOT in a good way.


Now that I've been a mom for 12 years (and a mom in the media, no less), I just cannot BELIEVE that she'd play every second of her divorce and custody battle out in the public arena. For the sake of her kids, wouldn't she have the wherewithal to spare the kids from this public embarrassment? She's got EIGHT of them to worry about!

The biggest drama queens make for the best TV, and TLC is cashing in on her once again and following her dating debacle in Kate Plus Date. And a huge part of me just can't believe that they're giving her more screentime.

Of course, as everybody does, I have the choice to watch or not to watch, and I won't be watching. Will YOU? Do you love her or hate her?

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