This is why we can't have nice things. Really? You couldn't take ONE NIGHT off from the divisiveness?

I will put this out there right now because there are a lot of people who won't even read this before they throw a fit - my email is You can send all of your angry responses there, and I'll see them.

My friend, who lives here in southern Genesee County, texted me this picture last night. She went through her kids' candy buckets and found a Trump sticker on a package of M&Ms. Her text said, "Somebody in my subdivision thought that this particular sticker was appropriate for children's candy."

We saw the same thing in our neighborhood - a couple of parents, pulling their unsuspecting children around in their costumes in a wagon, with a political flag hanging off the front.

We couldn't believe it.

I asked my friend if I could use this picture on our website, because I'm a responsible multimedia creator. She said, "Sure, but please crop out my living room. I don't want anybody to know who I am."

What are the chances that people know what her living room looks like? Slim to none, but that's how divided we are. And that's pathetic. Shame on ALL of us.

And shame on the parents who put this sticker on Halloween candy. You don't get to create a fake scenario where the big, bad government cancels Halloween, and then, when they don't, use your kids' trick-or-treating as a campaign trail.

If you can't go just ONE NIGHT without politics, maybe you need to re-examine your priorities. Trick-or-treating isn't about you, or me - it's about our kids. And they deserve a break from this mess, too.

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