A once-popular Mexican restaurant in Davison is no more.

Davison residents were shocked to find out that their favorite spot to grab Mexican food abruptly closed leading into the holiday weekend.

Restaurants come and go all the time, but when you lose one that you love going to and one that's been around for decades, it can be a little disheartening.

What Restaurant in Davison Closed for Good?

Señor Lucky's on State Road is permanently closed.

The buzz started on social media last week after someone posted on the Davison Area Community Group page on Facebook. The post surprisingly pointed out that Señor Lucky's had permanently closed its doors.

Davison resident, Cynthia Arnold:

"Just wanted an FYI out there senior Luckys closed on June 30 after 30 years permanently. I live next door to Senior Luckys and yes, they are permanently closed as of June 30 not a joke."

Señor Lucky's posted a sign on their door that read the following:

“Thank you for 30-plus years of being a valued customer. As of June 30th, 2024, I’m retiring and our doors will be closed. I appreciate all of our valued customers over the years."

Personally, I'm going to miss their Mexican Pizza the most. It was a gigantic and flavorful treat that always hit the spot. There was no way you could finish it in a single sitting.

According to several comments on Facebook, it was an A&W back in the day, followed by an arcade. Then it became Seros, which under the same ownership became Señor Lucky's.

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