There are so many places in West Michigan that let you board your little pups.

However, there is barely anywhere to take your kitties. Enough of that.

Animal Sanctuary Needs £200,000 To Avoid Closure
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There is a new business that is helping with that issue.

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It's not that cat's meow! It's The Cat's Pajamas!

According to the website,

"The Cat's Pajamas is a full-service, feline-only facility dedicated to providing exemplary service for cats, ensuring them a safe, comfortable, clean, and enjoyable environment."

This new hotel has all of the things your furry little friend would love while you are away.

The best part is...the cat hotel is open for the holidays! Perfect timing for your holiday trips.

From peaceful music playing, a lot of places to sunbathe, toys, windows for gazing outside and so much more, your cat will never be bored at this hotel.

Plus, you know you are in good hands because the owner Jill has been a lover and owner of animals since she was 4 years old.

With all of her knowledge of working in shelters and for a new resident of West Michigan, Jill Hathaway told ABC 13 that she

"I wanted something a little on the smaller scale, something very personal and intimate where I could really pay close attention to the cats' needs and their individual personalities."

You can have your pet stay for $28 a day per cat.

For the rest of the month of November, The Cat's Pajamas are having a promotion for 50% off the fight night if you book a minimum of a two-night stay.

If you want more details about The Cat's Pajamas, click here.

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