No. Nope. No way. This is unacceptable.

The practice of online ordering and pickup and/or delivery of groceries isn't a new concept that was developed for the current pandemic, but it sure does help, doesn't it? Unless you're tip-baiting.

That's where you indicate, in your online order, that you'll give your shopper a big tip...and then retract it after your groceries are delivered.

Yes, it's happening.

Instacart shoppers are reporting that at-home customers are enticing them to shop for their orders with the promise of big tips, only to cancel said tips after groceries are brought to their home. This leaves the shopper with a payment of only $8.95 from Instacart.

Shoppers have already staged a strike during the coronavirus, demanding PPE, hazard pay and a guaranteed 10% tip.

Do NOT be that jerk. Just don't. In my opinion, these people should be publicly shamed.

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