Shopping at the "infamous-parking-lot" Kroger in Grand Blanc this weekend, showed me there's still hope that humankind hasn't forgotten how to behave in public. Remember, this Kroger made the '8 Most Hated Parking Lots In Genesee County' list from our readers.

Has everyone lost their mind when shopping at Kroger in Grand Blanc, MI?

  • Chances are, many of us have. No, the parking lot wasn't designed to support high traffic volumes around peak hours decades ago when it was designed, but we can't do anything about that. Which made this weekend's discovery all the more heartwarming.
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What happened at Grand Blanc Kroger over the weekend?

  • After loading my groceries, I had to wait a few minutes for a clearing before backing out... like everyone does (usually this is where people in a hurry lose their minds). While I'm not the most patient person, I watched in my rearview mirror and back-up camera as at least five people returned their carts to the corral.
  • It was happening in a staggered way. Cars would pass, another person waited to return their cart... I kept waiting. Rather than get impatient and pissy, it was a pleasant surprise to wait on courteous customers returning carts instead of people not knowing how to park or navigate heavy parking lot traffic.
Male driver was backing up and hit another car in the parking lot. The concept of negative emotions and insurance in case of damage to the vehicle
frantic00 - Surprised At Cart Returns

Thank you, Grand Mall, shoppers.

Not only are you making an employee's job a little easier, but you're also helping the rest of us avoid one more obstacle as we go about our day (and unnecessary dings to our doors/paint).

You made my day.

To all of the courteous shoppers returning carts to corrals, not just at Kroger in Grand Blanc, but parking lots all over Genesee County, Thank YOU.

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