There are a few things for sure that you can say about the people who live in Michigan. Not only are they some of the hardest-working folks around, but they also appreciate their fellow Michigander's hard work too.

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If you've ever wondered where the most generous tippers in America call home, look no further than right here in the Mitten State. Michigan has more to offer than just its beautiful landscapes. It's also a place where hospitality and generosity are embedded in the culture, and tipping right is more than just a custom, it's a way of life. Really.

According to a new study by, Michigan is ranked as one of the best tipping states in America. Right here in the Great Lakes State are the very best in the nation at rewarding workers for great service that goes above and beyond the norm. used data from Toast to compile a list that showed that not all tippers are alike across the nation. The data collected was from 79,000 restaurants across the country including tips made on a credit card or another form of digital payment, but not cash.

How Does Michigan Rank When It Comes to Tipping?

When it comes to leaving a little something extra for someone to say, "Job well done", Michiganders rank pretty high on the list of good tippers. As a matter of fact, they land at #12 averaging 20.2% for a tip. That actually quite impressive considering the #1 spot tips on average 21.8% and those bragging rights belong to the state of Deleware.

Let's hear it for Michigan! The land of great service, where every smile, every act of kindness, and every tip reflects the gracious people who call Michigan home.

Check out the full list state by state here.

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