It's a real problem, especially now that masks are required in public places.

If you don't have glasses, you wouldn't understand.

Wearing a protective face mask is a new thing for most of us; even healthcare providers aren't used to wearing them 24/7. They can be hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.

There have been a lot of new "inventions" as to how to make them more comfortable for behind the head, but what about people with glasses?

1. Before wearing your mask, wash your glasses with soapy water and let them air-dry.

The soapy water leaves behind a film that prevents your glasses from fogging up.

2. Put a folded piece of tissue in between your mask and your mouth.

The fog is created by the hot air of your breath, rising from your mask. The tissue will absorb that hot air.

3. Make the top of your mask tighter and the bottom of your mask looser.

It will direct your breath downwards instead of upwards.

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