Trust me - these employees do NOT make enough to deal with your retail angst.

I went out to more public places yesterday than I've been since March when the COVID-19 outbreak started. Stopped at a gas station for fuel, dropped off some clothes at a local secondhand shop, dropped off a package at UPS, and picked up a cake for Pat's birthday.

When I go out, I'm wearing a mask. It's a non-issue. It has nothing to do with politics (how on EARTH did this country manage to politicize a pandemic? I'll never understand it); for me, it's common courtesy. Is it comfortable? Hell no! It's hot and hurts my ears. Is it a big deal? Hell no!

I'm friends with a local business owner (who shall remain nameless), and they've been having terrible problems with their mask policy. Employees are being berated and verbally assaulted when they're told to wear a mask or to leave.

Yes, really.

Listen - if you're going to make this about your "rights," you're gonna have to come to the realization that a PRIVATE BUSINESS has rights, too. And they have the right to tell you to hit the road if you won't adhere to their policies.

Remember the "No shoes, no shirt, no service" signs? Funny - I never saw anybody throwing a tantrum about THOSE requirements. It's not sanitary to walk into a public place without your shirt or shoes; likewise, it's not sanitary to walk into a public place without a mask right now.

Nike said it best:

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