This has probably been the most frustrating pool season I have ever dealt with. Unlike last year when no one had luck with their pools because of Mother Nature, this year I just didn't have time to deal with it regularly, which made it a nightmare when I finally had the time to work on it. To give you an idea I had every intention of closing it in September, and because of stupid circumstance after stupid circumstance I finally got it done last night... November 11! Are you kidding me?

It just seemed like every time I had time set aside to close the beast something came up. Whether it was work, a family obligation, getting sick, or Mother Nature at her finest (I really hope you're picking up on my sarcasm), it was always something. Even as I started making real progress, I had some sort of setback.

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, knowing that a huge wind storm was gonna hit today, I went full force and got to experience a handful of holidays in the same day! I closed the pool (reminding me of Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day), threw out the Jack-O-Lanterns (Halloween), I started putting up Christmas decorations, and at sundown I took down our flag (Veterans Day/Flag Day)!

Seven holidays in one evening? I mean come on!! If I HAD to close the pool, might as well have some fun with it, right? I also ran the invisible fence around the pool, to keep my stupid dog off the cover. She ripped right through a new cover two years ago, just a day after I covered the pool. I discovered the following spring that all of that horrible winter was at the bottom of my pool, so this next spring will be nothing!

I do have to say thanks to my friend, Rick, who helped me close this beast! Between him, my other friend Bobby and my kids... I think I'm taking next year off!

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