Every year Hidden Valley Ranch ups their merchandise game. From giant ranch bottle lawn ornaments, to flasks, to throw pillows - Hidden Valley has awesome gifts for the ranch lover in your life. But wait- there's one more awesome gift for the holidays, a Hidden Valley Ranch filled stocking. What a time to be alive.

You can now order a stocking full of ranch that will actually hang on a mantle. According to the Hidden Valley website, the stocking is described as,

  • 15" x 7" in size
  • Plastic
  • Includes silver mantle holder
  • Filled with 52 fluid ounces of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
  • Functional pour spout at stocking toe
  • $35.00 cost

Sounds like a winner to me. As cool as this stocking is, I am most intrigued by the Hidden Valley Ranch Flask. Now that is a cool gift idea too. Hey what's in your flask? Ranch dressing, duh (not really, it's tequila in mine).

If you order anything from Hidden Valley this Christmas, send me a pic of you with it. Ranch rules!



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