It looks like the "work from home" revolution has finally taken off.

To say that technology has advanced is an understatement - it seems as though we just needed a global pandemic to kick us into high gear to catch up with it. After a few months of learning how to adjust, many companies are actually keeping the work-from-home balance that their employees have been executing.

We're no different here - we're considered "essential" employees as part of the media (go ahead, get your jokes out...done? Good). However, AJ has asthma, and radio stations are notoriously crawling with germs so we, along with our coworkers, are allowed to work from home.

Yes, we're broadcasting from our basement.

As the COVID-19 outbreak starts to calm down, lots of major companies - Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Capital One, Zillow, Slack, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal and more - are keeping the "work from home" model.

Much of it is by the choice of the employee, of course. They can work from home or split their week between the office and home.

This is a welcome change for parents who have been struggling with childcare since the schools closed. Ane with the uncertainty of next year, it offers employees the flexibility to be there for their kids and households while continuing to work.

Have you been working from home? Some people love it, some hate it. Some people need socialization; others enjoy the flexibility. Is your workplace going to allow you to continue working from home, or do you have to go back?

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