It's been called the "Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks", and the video of this amazing setup has become a YouTube sensation. But its creators hope that after you watch the little car speed through 2,000 feet of track, you'll take a minute to donate to their favorite charity.

The Hope For Gabe Foundation is hoping to raise awareness and fund research for Duchenne, a form of  Muscular Dystrophy. So far, online viewers have contributed over $17,000. "Duchenne is the most prevalent, genetically inherited neuromuscular disorder worldwide and affects 1 in 3,500 young males."

Check out the video. Even if you suspect a little bit of trick photography and slick editing, it's still impressive. This monstrosity goes up and down stairs, through 14 room and jumps a hot tub.  And it's for a good cause. Its creators plan to create an even more elaborate Hot Wheels video in the near future.

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