We first reported on a large, much needed, traffic signal upgrade along Hill Road in Grand Blanc back in April. Red-light cameras are not part of that plan.

Other drivers have recently noticed something in Downtown Grand Blanc that seemed concerning.

Does Grand Blanc have red-light cameras?

If you glance at the Grand Blanc Road and Saginaw Street intersection, it looks like there could be cameras.

Credit: Nate Reed, Canva
Grand Blanc Road @ Saginaw Street Intersection, Grand Blanc Credit: Nate Reed, Canva

The objects that look like cameras are actually traffic sensors. They help manage traffic flow and can look camera-ish, like these in Grand Blanc. These sensors can also be square/rectangular shapes in a white-ish color mounted on poles at the side of intersections. Some communicate with sensing "strips" placed in the roadway near stop lines.

Does Michigan have red-light cameras?

So far, Michigan hasn't embraced the use of red-light cameras. So, no, Grand Blanc doesn't have them. Our neighbor, Ohio, does have red-light/speed cameras. You can't miss them at major intersections -- big bulky 1980s-looking things. Plus, the municipality must warn you of their use.

Here's what those look like:

Toledo, OH Red Light Camera | Credit Google Street View
Toledo, OH Red Light Camera | Credit Google Street View

While it's widely reported speed/red-light cameras can reduce fatal accidents, it's also argued a human should be one to issue tickets. After all, what if it isn't you driving your car (a friend or relative)? Or, what if the light changed to red just as it snapped, and you were already through the intersection?

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The technology isn't perfect and thankfully Grand Blanc / Michigan doesn't use red-light cameras.

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PS. The camera-looking-thingies above Grand Blanc Road and Saginaw Street have been there since the early 2000s.

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