The pothole, on Hill Road near Knollwood Village Apartments, popped three tires within 10 minutes.

In case you haven't noticed, it's pretty much like Mario Kart out there. The potholes are even grandiose for Michigan standards this year - it's downright dangerous and, I don't know about you, but I'm constantly waiting to find or hear damage to my car.

On a personal note, avoid the right lane on Center between Atherton and Bristol. It's baaaaaad.

And on another note, you should avoid Hill Road near Knollwood Apartments, too. A giant pothole opened up yesterday and sent more than a dozen cars to the shop.

Nathan Schwartz, the owner of Line-X (a nearby truck accessories business), was kind enough to let stranded drivers borrow his floor jack yesterday when they found themselves with popped tires. The irony? His shop doesn't even do car repairs.

He said that one driver became two, which became three, and then seven or eight, so it was a "crazy day."

But the point is, he didn't HAVE to let them borrow his floor jack, but he did. And for that, Nathan makes The Good News for today. Fantastic Michigan resident right there!

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