Scott Sassack will tell you on any given day, "It's all about community". The owner of Great Harvest Bread Co. in Grand Blanc is no stranger to stepping in to lend a hand when anyone in the area is in need, and now he's jumping in once again to help those hit hardest by the Village of Holly fire.

It was just Tuesday, June 21st, the news spread quickly of the devastating fire engulfing the historic downtown area of Holly, Michigan. In the blink of an eye, iconic businesses and years of work were damaged or destroyed leaving owners and employees lost and wondering what's next. Although there's no doubt the community of Holly will band together to rebuild, right now many are facing uncertainty and need help to get by. Enter Scott Sassack.

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Within hours of learning or the tragedy in Holly, Sassack sprang into action announcing that he would be doing what he could to help those who lost employment or businesses in the fire.

"I was watching tv that night and was thinking about how I would feel as a business owner. I thought what if I’d I lost my business,  how do I take care of my employees? How do I rebuild? I kept thinking that there was something I could do. We had to help," Sassack told me.

Helping is what Sassack does best, so he put a plan into action. For anyone who worked in any of the businesses that were lost or put on hold due to the fire and are out of work. Great Harvest wants to offer a little assistance. Just stop into Grand Blanc Great Harvest Co. with proof of your employment or of your business that was lost and they will make sure you get a free loaf of bread per week, and lunch every day until the end of July.

"I’m blessed and we are doing well. It's work, but I’m blessed. I kept thinking, how can I share with those who have nothing right now.  I’m blessed and we are doing well. It’s work, but I’m blessed. How can I share with those who have nothing right now? Hopefully, I can go further with this. We just all need to step in and help", he said.

Scott Sassack....we are blessed to have you in our community. Please support Great Harvest Bread Co. so they can continue to do wonderful and amazing things for our community.


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