Governor Snyder is expected to sign multiple bills into law today. A new emergency manger law, tougher restrictions on abortion and regulations on medical marijuana are among the stack that the Legislature sent to him before Christmas.

According to the Detroit News, the governor planned to sign some of the more than 40 bills pending before him during the extended four-day holiday weekend. Snyder said "there will be a fair amount of time over the holiday period where I'll have my stack of homework and some bills to look at."

Snyder has already signed some of the more controversial bills sent to him during the Legislature's lame-duck session including right-to-work legislation and reforms to the personal property tax law. The governor also vetoed a bill last week that would have allowed concealed weapons in public schools, a move that received national attention in the wake of the school shootings that took place in Newtown, Connecticut.

As of last Friday, Snyder had signed 90 bills passed  in the lame-duck session. According to Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel, the governor is still awaiting the arrival of 145 other bills that are stuck in a backlog in the House and Senate clerk's offices.

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