Parents and politicians are in an uproar regarding the newly proposed sex education curriculum being offered to sixth- and seventh-graders in public schools starting in the spring. The curriculum is teaching abstinence as well as teaching proper condom use and alternative ways to have sex. Find out more after the jump.

One of their main focuses is Columbia University's 'Go Ask Alice' website -- a sex-education site that gets it's name from the controversial book from 1971 that tells the story of a troubled teenage girl. The site is part of the new curriculum's resources.

According to the Washington Post, some think the site tackles topics too mature for middle-school students. Some of the topics on the site include: sadomasochism, sexual postions, fetishes, pornography and more.

The NYC Parents' Choice Coalition and three Republican elected officials are the leading opposition against the new curriculum and the Go Ask Alice website.

Among the officials is Nicole Malliotakis (R-East Shore/Brooklyn) -- she states that the new curriculum is "explicit and graphic."'s J. Bryan Lowder agrees that is geared towards college aged individuals, but he also says it shouldn't be dismissed completely. Lowder writes:

"The main mission of Alice is to provide a forum for solid, professionally moderated health advice on any sexual issue, from the most vanilla encounter to the deepest dungeons of kink (not to mention its wide-ranging coverage of non-sexual issues like nutrition, exercise, and stress management). In other words, your kid could do a great deal worse on Google."

After spending some time on the site, there are vast range of topics from sex information, to dealing with stress and eating right.