In what grade should children get sex education? It is about to be a hot topic of discussion thanks to a controversy in Chicago.

The Board of education in the Windy City has passed new guidelines that would make  sex ed will begin in kindergarten. It is expected that by 2015 this plan will be in place.

So, what kinds of things will these 5 year-old's learn in kindergarten? They begin with male and female anatomy and reproduction. By the time these same kids reach third or fourth grade they will have been taught about puberty, AIDS, HIV, and what is appropriate and inappropriate touching.

Here is the official statement from the Chicago Public Schools:

It is important that we provide students of all ages with accurate and appropriate information so they can make healthy choices in regards to their social interactions, behaviors and relationships.”

Parents do have the right to opt-out of the curriculum for their child if they choose.

So, what do you think? Is kindergarten too early for sex ed?