Heart disease is the #1 killer of women age 20 and over.  One in three women has some form of cardiovascular disease.  About 64% of women who die suddenly from coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms.  Heart disease in women is highly under diagnosed and largely preventable.That is why Genesys Heart Institute has taken action to help decrease these numbers.  Genesys was invited to participate in a national, first of its kind, pilot study designed to increase awareness of heart disease in women, and improve diagnosis and treatment in women with heart disease.  Genesys is one of only 10 hospitals participating in this study of OB/Gyn patients over the age of 40.  Dr. David Dobies, MD interventional cardiologist; is working with Dr. Joseph Kingsbury, DO, OB/Gyn; to lead the initiative at Genesys.  Historically, about 75% of the information available for diagnosing heart disease is from studies in men.  Few studies exist on women.  This research aims to change that.  For more information about this pilot heart initiative taking place at Genesys, call the Office of Research at (810) 606-7722.