Has anybody seen Bob at Genesys Regional Medical Center?

Jennifer Browning was at the hospital on Saturday with her 3 1/2-year-old son to visit Grandma when her little boy lost his horse stuffed animal. He calls him "Bob" and he's been with him for years.

The post reads:
HELP! We went to Genesys hospital to visit Grandma today and my 3.5 year old son left his little horse at the hospital. Last time we remember seeing him we were on our way in the parking lot. I didn't want him to bring him in and he insisted so I told him to take good care of him. I didn't notice he dropped him. Feeling horrible now 😫 He calls him Bob and he's been with him for years! Please share and maybe he will be returned. We have a lot of friends in the Flint area. This picture is when he was new. He's more well loved now! Thank you!

If you find Bob, you can call mom Jennifer Browning at 810-614-0122.

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