Nearly every one of the cities and small towns in Genesee County, Michigan have at least one of the best restaurants to get tacos. Whether you like authentic Mexican tacos, street tacos or Tex-Mex, you'll find it nearby.

These were the highest rated spots all around the Greater Flint Area according to a quick search by Google.

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A handful of these locations are part of Genesee County's history -- in business over 50 years, like Tia Helita's. Other shops are hidden gems scattered throughout Flint. There's even a seasonal food truck featured on our list.

Best Tacos in Genesee County

Flint and Burton have the most entries with outstanding reviews. Grand Blanc and Fenton aren't far behind with many of their "winners" having multiple locations throughout the area.

The next time you're thinking about Taco Tuesday, or some random lunch or dinner plan, bookmark this list. It's an easy go-to and guaranteed you're not far from one of these restaurants. Plus, who doesn't like tacos?

Whether you like traditional carne asada with onions in a soft corn tortilla (squeeze the fresh lime wedges for an extra bite and maybe add some cotija cheese) or the more tex-mex soft taco with beef, lettuce and cheese, you're gonna find those at most of these places.

The special tacos on the menu might bring out your adventurous taste buds, too. Look for fish, chicken al pastor, shrimp, pulled pork options at every one of these spots.

Buen provecho (or bon appetit) mi amigos.

Best Tacos Around Flint and Genesee County

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