The Genesee County Meals on Wheels program is looking for drivers right now.

The Mobile Meal drivers is a paid position, and they are looking to hire at least five drivers immediately. Resources have been stretched so thin at the Meals on Wheels program that even the director has been out on the roads delivering meals. Tamitha Taylor told ABC12 that she has been out delivering meals lately due to the driver shortage.

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Just to give you a little perspective, the Meals on Wheels program handles about 21 daily routes. Each of those routes has anywhere between 35 and 50 meal deliveries. All of those routes are currently being spread between five drivers, and anyone else in the office that is available. According to Taylor, they are hoping to hire at least five more drivers as soon as possilble

The Meals on Wheels program is always an important part of our community, but during the pandemic the need is increased. The meals are mainly delivered to those who also happen to be at the highest risk for Covid. The social distancing measures have made it even more difficult to make sure the elderly and homebound people in Genesee County are taken care of.

If you have some extra time, or know of someone that is looking for a job that is focused on helping others, please take the time to apply. There are a few minimum requirements to apply for the job listed below.

  • Valid Drivers license and proof of insurance
  • Ability to understand and follow written and oral directions
  • Ability to work with persons who are members of minority groups
  • Ability to lift portable ovens and other food containers
  • Ability to drive a vehicle in a safe manner
  • Ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to attend work regularly and work under stressful conditions

The job pays $10.50 an hour along with mileage expenses. You can get more information, and apply here.


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