You may have seen this story circulating on social media. While it's still a concern, the GCHD is putting out the "correct" facts.

Over the last week, a story about a multi-drug-resistant bacteria has been circulating over social media in our area. The story is about stenotrophomonas maltophilia, or steno, for short. The effects are similar to that of Legionnaire's, and the flu.

There were stories going around that cases are on the rise, and that it might be coming from the water. The GCHD says that it is a legitimate health concern...but that cases are actually down, and that it's most commonly contracted from a healthcare facility (catheters, ventilators, etc.).

Teams are currently testing the water for it, but say that there's no data to indicate any kind of problem at this time.

Basically, it was a social media 'scare.' Steno is a real health problem, but cases are NOT on the rise and there's nothing to indicate that it's coming from the water right now. 

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