My sons are on the road -- behind the wheel, and taking their next inevitable steps toward manhood.

I fight a huge lump in my throat when I realize how quickly the years have flown. In a matter of what seems like just seconds, we've rocketed from stage to stage. Colic, security blankets, Bob the Builder, Power Rangers, baseball, iPods, Facebook.

Has it really been over 15 years since the ultrasound revealed there were two babies instead of one??

Now, it's on to drivers' education. They're on their way to independence, on the road toward adulthood. Sitting in the passenger seat, I can tell them to slow down, but I can't slow the passage of time.

The video below shows nothing extraordinary; there's no crash (Thank God!), and nothing that will make my sons' first driving experience the next viral video sensation. But it's fun for me share this 'first', as David (in the orange tennis shoes) takes the wheel for the first time. Those first 30 feet are pretty challenging, aren't they? (That's Nick, climbing into the backseat, BTW.)

I'd love to hear about your experience, either as a parent of a new driver, or from when you first learned to drive. Email me privately, or share in the comments section below.

- George McIntyre
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