It's been a long (and probably itchy) journey for Chris Graff, but his efforts have paid off substantially for four local charities. After months of sporting shoulder-length hair and a big-bushy beard, the Davison resident invited a barber to the dealership to do some serious cutting.

Hank Graff got his way.

In February, Graff noted that his wife liked the long locks and beard but his dad was not a fan. He established two GoFundMe pages in order to determine his look. Anyone who wanted to weigh in was asked to contribute to a "cut it" or "keep it" fund.

In the end, those in favor of Graff going back to the Boy Scout look won. That page brought in close to $6,000, about $1,200 more than those who voted for the woodsman look.

All of the money collected will be divided equally among four charities:  Sloan Museum, Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Just for Kids, and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Watch Chris losing the long hair and beard in the videos below.

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