Hank Graff Chevrolet's Chris Graff has abandoned "the boy scout look" as he termed it in favor of long hair and a sizable beard. This now begs the question, should he keep it or shave it?

Graff, who's known for his commitment to the Davison community, tells Mid-Michigan Now that he began growing his hair about a year ago for charity. He's established two GoFundMe pages -- one for folks to contribute to if they want him to keep the new look, and another accepting contribution from anyone who thinks he needs to cut his hair.

Chris points out that his wife has contributed in order to cast her vote for keeping the long hair.

"My wife loves it, my dad, not so much," Graff quipped, referring to his father, the car dealership's namesake.

All of the money collected will be divided equally among four charities:  Sloan Museum, Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Just for Kids, and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

So far, those who are in favor of Graff cutting his long locks are winning, contributing $3,439. You can contribute to that fund here.

Those in favor of keeping the long hair have donated $2,699. That fund can be found here.

Whichever fund has more money at the end of February will determine Chris' new look.

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