A former Troy middle school Assistant Principal who battled a drug addiction is sharing her story in an effort to help others.

Last summer, Amy Buchanan was arrested for breaking into a student's house to steal money and prescription drugs. She was placed on administrative leave and was ultimately fired from her job at Smith Middle School.

Buchanan had been addicted to prescription pain pills for five years.

"Many people are put into this addiction state after being prescribed legal drugs," Buchanan told WXYZ.

Now, with 11 months of sobriety under her belt, Buchanan is speaking out and hoping her story will help others.

"Many people have gone into treatment based on me telling my story, so I’m going to keep telling it and keep telling it and hopefully it can help one other person not have to suffer," she said.

The 48-year old will be speaking at the Masonic Lodge in Romeo on August 6th. She goes on to say that she feels it's important to share her story and urges anyone who needs help to ask for it.

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