A former Flint police officer is facing four felony charges, after being charged with operating a chop shop. According to ABC-12, he was a retired sergeant when the prosecutor's office found out about what was going on.

The former officer set something up for someone to test drive a car and then later the dealership realized it had been stolen. They called the police right away and followed the car through OnStar.

'"A gentleman from the police department said 'I can see the tire tracks in the snow, went right into the garage.' They got in there and they were taking the car apart right there,'" according to Lori Young-Rowlison of Young Chevrolet Cadillac.

Prosecutor David Leyton talks about the incident:

'"It was prearranged that another person was to pick that car up and take it to a location where this defendant would take the rims, thereby chopping up the car.'"

The former officer is supposed to be arraigned next week.