If you're an old car fan, or a fan of old Corvettes you're gonna love this story. In 1978, a man in Ohio bought a 25th anniversary Limited edition Corvette, stuck it in his barn and then walked away. It's not just another dusty 1978 Corvette, if you look closely, you’ll see it has 13 miles on the odometer.

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The original owner recently needed some cash, so he sold the car to ‘Corvette Mike’ Milian, a dealer in New England. Neither buyer or seller are saying how much he paid for the classic ride.

The car has everything original that came with it when it was bought new, even the battery. The window sticker is on it, everything from 1978. And it’s even got some rare options, like a CB radio.

Who ever buys the car will get an added bonus – the original gas receipt. It shows the original owner paid $5 for 7.5 gallons.

Mike believes the car will probably sell for somewhere around $50,000. The window sticker shows it sold for $14,631.21 in 1978. They sure cost a lot less then, didn't they?

Get a look at this old cream puff in the video below.