Did you know the 'Old Spice Guy' was from Flint?

I'll admit it. I had no idea Terry Crews was a Flintoid, graduating from Flint Southwester High School, before an illustrious career in the NFL, and acting roles that included 'Everybody Hates Chris', Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'Arrested Development'.

Crews shared stories of his early life and some of his artwork with Jimmy Kimmel last night (9/3), and even talked a bit about his first job -- drawing courtroom sketches for Flint's WJRT-TV!

(Crews starts talking about growing up in Flint at about the 3:00 mark.)

Crews has been tapped as the new host of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' which begins September 8th.

- George McIntyre
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