If you wanna represent the original Michigangster...

...you can do that and support a local business at the same time.

In case you missed it, Big Gretch is the jam right now.

And if you're wondering, yes - she knows.

Listen, we know that very few people have a sense of humor about politics anymore. But in the case that you do, here's where you can get a Big Gretch shirt locally.

Randall Wilburrn is the owner of Velocity Tees. He's also a local pastor; we met him in 2018 when our mutual friend Jeff passed away. Ironically, Jeff was the first person to buy a t-shirt from Wilburn back in 2013.

He rebranded his company in 2019 and Velocity Tees was born. They're a "one stop shirt shop. We specialize in graphic tee and custom tees for clients" right here in the Flint area.

Their website went live just in time for the Big Gretch shirts go on sale - you can buy one HERE.

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