A federal court has ruled that former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder can NOT skip out on interviews in the lawsuits.

Snyder and the state treasurer from his first term, Andy Dillon, had argued that they shouldn't have to sit through depositions in relation to the lawsuits because they're still trying to be dismissed from said suits on the basis of immunity.

However, a federal court has ruled that, while there can be limits on certain questions asked to Snyder and Dillon, lawyers are still allowed to depose them.

One of the lawsuits was brought by the family of 65-year-old Odie Brown, a Flint woman who passed away on January 9th, 2015, after contracting Legionnaires’ disease. The suit names Rick Snyder, as well as former Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley - it alleges that Brown contracted the disease from Flint's water.

Snyder has argued that he should be dismissed from this and other lawsuits based on "sovereign immunity," which would mean that he can't be sued for anything that happened during his tenure as Governor.

This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Typical white-collar crime; these guys, no doubt, will get away with this, while Flint residents will be feeling the effects for years to come.

It's unbelievable that here we are, four years later, and we're still trying to figure out WHO to blame and IF we can blame them. These guys have blood on their hands and they know it; that's why they're trying to get dismissed.

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