Rick Snyder

Former Gov. Rick Snyder Doesn’t Want Flint Jurors
Former Gov. Rick Snyder is being charged with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty that resulted in the 2014 Flint Water Crisis.
Now Snyder's legal team is trying to keep Flint residents out of the case completely by requesting that no Flint residents are allowed to be involved...
When Did Snyder Really Know?
In the latest development in the Flint Water Crisis, more emails reveal that the State of Michigan was sending bottled water to a state building in Flint way back in January of 2015.
Flint Water Scandal Exposed
"If this was the way we got here, if this is what happened to the kids in Flint and why, if this is how the state government did it, and how they behaved once they knew what they had done, would you want that same state government in charge of fixing this?"

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