And she's using the proceeds to get meals to those who need them.

Christie McDonald is a Michigander through-and-through; she's from Sanford and still lives there. When the dams breached back in May, her house survived, but her sister and parents' houses did not, along with so many others.

Help was abundant at first but Christie noticed that people delivering meals was starting to slow as time went on. On one Tuesday night, she decided to make dinner for a local family who had no power and no way to cook. And she had made so many extras that she started delivering them around town.

It's been about two months since her first "dinner service" and Christie has kept up with meals every Tuesday night. Of course, food isn't free, so she's selling t-shirts to help fund her mission.

Christie spoke to WNEM-TV 5, saying that she's mainly concerned about families who are living in campers. “My biggest fear is that there are still families living in campers and they don’t have anything in the works. And so, sorry I get choked up thinking about it. But when the weather turns cold and you have five people living in a camper. I’m just not sure what they are going to do. And I feel like every time I drive by what are they going to do it is getting closer and closer. And there is just nothing in the works to get them out of a camper.”

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