As we continue our tour of Michigan and find the most luxurious and special (expensive) housing listings in the state, we find ourselves in Lansing again.

This time a little north of Mt. Hope and south of 496.

Not right off the Grand River but just south of it.

Suffice it to say, we're in a pretty decent neighborhood.

Because this next piece we're looking at, is next door to Big Gretch.

Yup, you'd be moving in the same area as our esteemed Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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I already hear a bunch of you groaning. But all politics aside, this property has some personality, class, and flare.

And for $1.5 million dollars, it had better have all that and some to spare.

6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 9,734 sqft, and its own ballroom/concert hall on the 3rd floor. 

And according to Zillow, payments on this one at that price will run you roughly $9,991/month.

There is more than meets the eye with this prohibition mansion. An entertainer's delight, the front reception hall doubles as a dining space for up to 40 and features a Jacobean staircase.The home is wrapped with warm walnut wood-work with custom Flint Faience tile throughout. There is even a hidden 3rd floor 2000 sq ft ballroom, concert hall, and recording studio. (Zillow)

A picture is worth a thousand words. And it'll cost you almost ten thousand a month in house payments.

We're gonna need to buy a lot of those $20 and $30 scratch off tickets.

The Potter House Next to the Governor's Mansion

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