The Flint Children's Museum is closed on Monday, but it's rockin' for kids of all ages the other six days of the week. The Flint Children's Museum features over 40 "hands-on" educational and fun exhibits every day, plus plenty of special activities.

Tomorrow is "messy art Tuesday" where you can learn to make play-dough and do "squish-painting". Thursdays are "music maker" days, "Fairy Tales" on Friday, and Sundays spotlight science activities.

The Flint Children's Museum is located at 1602 University Ave., Flint, a couple of blocks east of Kettering University. It is a great place for field trips and birthday parties, and you don't have to tell the kids that they will probably learn something while they are there.

For a detailed calendar of events at the Flint Children's Museum, visit or call (810) 767-5437.

There is a small admission charge, $6 per person. It's just $4 per person if you bring a group. Call or check the web site for information on groups.

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