Your kids can be their pet's own veterinarian when you visit the FCM. The Flint Children's Museum has been closed since Labor Day to clean and prepare for their newest exhibit: Best Friends Veterinary Clinic. The museum's educator, Andrea Miller, walked me around this morning to show me some of the new, exciting things that they have, including the vet room, which was made possible by Kerry at New Frontier Veterinary Clinic in Swartz Creek. Kids can "groom" and "treat" their animals, and even pick up their poop. Hey, that's a great lesson, especially if your kid is yelling "I WANNA PUPPY!" A giant Lite Brite was also purchased by a private donor, and the big blue blocks are now a permanent fixture at the museum. There's also a new geoboard on one side of the pyramid. Take your kids out and enjoy! Their next free day is this Sunday!

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