Since we were toddlers, we've played some variation of Uno. Playing the game with friends was somewhat difficult at times because each family played differently. Most of the fun is creating your own rules and letting the curse words fly because of the shock & awe of mee-maw slamming you with a Draw 4 just before you were "going out."

Side note: the commercials were weird for Uno in the 1980s. (See below and one for Skip-Bo, too.)

What is the "Michigan" way to play Uno?

  • Draw 2 cards are stackable
  • Reverse cards are stackable
  • You can't use a regular Wild card to "change" the color to the current or same color "just to get rid of a high-point card." (Mom and grandma would check -- aka "cheat" to see what you had, IMO.)
  • It wasn't until later my family adopted the "stack Draw 4 cards" as a way to pummel someone next to you, but most of my friends didn't play that way.
  • My family insisted you keep drawing cards until you got one to match the current color or number -- this seemed to prolong the game for hours and punish anyone close to "Uno-ing."

Can you stack Draw 4 cards when playing Uno, the "Michigan" way?

It turns out the creators of the game know we all do our own thing and want to clarify, there are rules (should you choose to follow them).

Uno should probably stop pretending anyone will obey their rules. My family isn't going to change their ways. It's too much fun slamming each other with a dozen cards and yelling sarcastic comments until the bitter end.

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