Listen up! Think twice before leaving  peach, eggplant, and sweat drops emojis on your friends feeds because the produce and water can get you banned

According to an updated section of the company’s Community Standards, Facebook and Instagram will now remove posts containing what they describe as “commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings”. Instagram commented to the New York Post, “[Content] will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations.  We aren’t taking action on simply the emojis.” They went on to say, "Such emojis used to cover nipples, butts or any other private or suggestive areas will also lead a user to be flagged that could later get them banned from either platform.”

The new rules could view pairing an eggplant or peach emoji with an expression of being horny or aroused to qualify as sexual solicitation. Those are the things that if flagged could lead to being banned.

It seems the social media platforms slid ( sorry ) the changes in under the radar without any big notifications. Turns out it was it was a sex industry news site XBIZ that was first to discover the change in the policy after being alerted by BBC journalist Thomas Fabbri. They discovered that the new language was quietly added to existing policy sometime between September 7th  and October 23rd. The sex industry and it's workers  feel that they are being targeted by the new rules.

Emojis have become almost a second language on social media and with texting anymore. Moving forward,  be sure to properly place your fruits and vegetables with dignified words,  and you may want to keep an eye on any type of "precipitation" emojis just to be safe. Facebook jail is a lonely place.



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