According to the owners of the home, when asked to leave, the ducks replied, "Hell no, we won't go!"

A paddling of ducks (yes, that's one of the words for it) is under fire at a home in Burton for making the choice to self-quarantine in a ditch that has been flooded out by melting snow and rainfall.

The two Rouen ducks and one white Pekin (there is one more of unknown origin) told Cars 108 that they have no intention of leaving until the coronavirus outbreak is over.

"They're tapping their bills on our windows, trying to watch Netflix with us. It's annoying," said the homeowner.

via Pat and AJ
via Pat and AJ

The ducks have stated that their presence isn't meant to be a nuisance. "We don't need toilet paper or masks, so I don't understand what they're mad about. We're not going anywhere," said the Pekin.

Anybody else with a paddle of squatting ducks on their property is not being encouraged to call the local police department or animal control.

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