It's easy to buy into all the negativity and crime statistics that are often published about Flint, Michigan. The ongoing saga surrounding Flint's oft-publicized water crisis can certainly cast a dark shadow on the Vehicle City, but the images in the video below give us an opportunity to forget about all that for five minutes. Five breathtaking minutes.

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Yesterday (3/25), YouTube user T1mbotron quietly posted the video which gives us a bird's eye view of Flint. The timing is perfect because the drone footage appears to be from earlier this winter. A white blanket covers much of the brown, dead landscape that recent melt has revealed.

How many Flint landmarks can you spot?

Several buildings which are part of the University of Michigan Flint campus are featured prominently, including the U of M Flint Pavilion, Riverfront Center, library, French Hall, Merchie Science Building, the University Center, and Recreation Center.

In order to give equal time, we have to note that we also spotted the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine building.

The tour of downtown Flint wouldn't be complete without a look at the Weather Ball, high atop what is now the Huntington Bank building.

Other highlights include The Capitol Theatre, The Eberson, Churchill's, The state of Michigan building, the Genesee County Courthouse, and the Genesee County Jail.

Our thanks to T1mbotron for the drone footage and for posting the video. Not only is it very zen, but it also shows the beauty and majesty that are still a part of Flint.

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