A headline is floating around the internet...but is it true? 

If it's on the internet, it MUST be true, right? *sarcasm*

One of my friends posted this article from WTOE 5 News yesterday, claiming that Eminem gave a radio interview where he said the following:

“I knew a girl from Flint, Michigan and I visited her and her family there years ago and I thought at the time that maybe she was just an exception but she wasn’t. And I’m not saying that the women there are necessarily more physically beautiful than other women in other places but, from my experience in Flint, the women there have the entire package, ya know? They’re not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. The girl I knew from Flint was sweet, caring, and beautiful all-around and I found that to be the case for a lot of women there.”

Of course, I clicked on it. That's why it's called CLICK BAIT. I was totally on board, because I've loved Eminem since high school. Turns out, this so-called "news site" is actually anything BUT. It's a fantasy news site, but you wouldn't know that unless you click through. Honestly, to me? It doesn't look legit, but maybe that's because I work with websites for most of the day.

So, in short, no. It's not true. Not that Eminem has anything against the women of Flint, but it's definitely not a real quote from him. However, he did donate to the Flint Water Crisis, so we'll give him a pass.

I just don't understand how a site can legally make up a quote for a celebrity, post it and get away with it? Drives me NUTS. Please, let's get rid of this garbage online and stop clicking through to it. Starting with ME. Because I'm a sucker, too.

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