"We apologize to our friends, fans, and supporters for the miscommunication that occurred related to the Lisa McClain event."

Blake Farms has been serving the Detroit area with several family-owned orchards, a cider mill, and greenhouses for the last 72 years, and they're not about to be wrapped up in a controversy after all this time.

Lisa McClain is a candidate for Congresswoman for the 10th Congressional District here in Michigan, and she had originally contacted Blake's to host a "private event," according to a live Facebook video from Andrew Blake.

The owners were not aware that Ms. McClain intended for the event to be anything more than a private event but, as you can see from the poster, it's billed as something different.

"The minute we fully understood the magnitude of what she was asking and what she was planning to do, we asked her to cancel the event at Blake's, which she did."

The owners take responsibility for not vetting the event further, which they've vowed to do in the future.

"Blake's, as an organization, is non-political. It's non-partisan."

The statement goes on to say that they are not opposed to holding events for ANY political party, as they've done in the past, but this particular event was not being billed as originally presented to the Blake family.

According to Lisa McClain's Facebook page, the event is NOT canceled but it will NOT be held at Blake's.

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