If you are headed to the airport for a Delta Flight, you should still expect some delays.

Thousands of people were stranded this morning after all Delta flights were grounded due to a global outage. USA Today is reporting that Delta's systems were back online around 8:40am, but delays will contuinue throughout the day. There may be some lag in reporting accurate flight statuses on Delta.com, so just be paitent this morning.

Delta is reporting that an overnight power outage is the cause of the outage. The outage knocked the automated check-in kiosiks ofline, forcing employees to manually check in passengers.

Delta is waiving change fees for customers ticketed to travel this week. The airline says customers booked on Monday's flights can make one change to their itinerary without paying the standard change fee, which ranges from $200 domestically to as much as $500 on some international itineraries. Delta says rebooked travel must be for flights no later than Friday.

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