You know the old saying, not all heroes wear capes. A Michigan couple is grateful to a Delta flight attendant who flew across the country and saved their honeymoon.

Lawryn and Joe Fellwock were ready to head out on a dream vacation to celebrate their nuptials. But when Lawryn realized she'd forgotten her passport, she thought her honeymoon was about to get canceled.

No Passport, No Honeymoon

Joe and Lawryn had planned to fly from Detroit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then set out on a Caribbean cruise. But as the Delta flight was about to get off the ground at Detroit's Metro Airport, Lawryn made a startling discovery.

"My wife looks at me and said, 'Oh, blank, I don't have my passport. What do we do?'" Joe tells WABC.

The couple then racked their brains trying to come up with a way to get Lawryn's passport to Puerto Rico in time for them to board the cruise ship.

But none of their ideas was feasible.

Flight Attendant to the Rescue

Thinking their honeymoon was doomed, the couple shared their drama with Dusty Dills, one of the flight attendants on the plane.

Dills devised a plan. He told Joe that he was turning around after the flight and going back to Detroit. He said that if someone could get Lawryn's passport to the airport in Detroit, he could meet the couple in Atlanta the following day.

The plan worked. The couple made arrangements to get the passport to Metro Airport. Dills then got it into Lawryn's hands with about 90 minutes to spare before they boarded the ship for their cruise.

"I consider that the greatest wedding gift we could have asked for," Lawryn said. "I felt like probably the luckiest bride on Earth."

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